House — Episode 2 (Season 5): “Not Cancer”

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House — Episode 2 (Season 5): “Not Cancer”  Empty House — Episode 2 (Season 5): “Not Cancer”

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"""This was not so much an episode of House as it was a parody of an episode of House — and a parody which seemed to be written by someone who’s heard about the show, but never actually seen it.Apple, a young high school math teacher, is one of six patients who received transplanted organs from the same donor. In the past eight months, four of these patients have died suddenly and one is hovering near death — though all from different causes. Apple is the only one still alive. She is admitted to the hospital so the common cause of these deaths can be found, and in Apple’s case, prevented.
A donor infection that slipped by screening is suggested, but discarded. Autoimmune disease, vasculitis (specifically Henoch-Schönlein Purpura) and cancer are also suggested as possible diagnoses. House focuses on the cancer diagnosis. However, when he goes to talk with Apple, she starts to hallucinate.
This neurological symptom makes him wonder if the common cause of the deaths might be a neurological disease instead of cancer. One of the dead patients was a mixed martial artist, and House suspects that he was showing neurological symptoms (a temporal lobe seizure) right before he died. This would lend credence to his neurological-cause theory. A brain biopsy would give the best information, but brain biopsies are risky, so therefore House decides it would be best to biopsy Frank — the nearly dead patient. In the midst of trying to obtain consent from his wife, Frank suffers a respiratory arrest, then a cardiac arrest, and dies. A brain biopsy performed at autopsy is negative, so House goes back to his cancer diagnosis."""
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