House M.D dvd 1-6--new season come out..

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House M.D dvd 1-6--new season come out.. Empty House M.D dvd 1-6--new season come out..

Post  Selinachen on Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:45 pm

"""The show is nicely implemented in the game with Thirteen giving you praise after a successful diagnosis. Wilson is the perfect mentor to introduce you to the game. I would have liked to have a load of cases with progressing level of difficulty instead of random puzzle cases.
Graphics are ok with some nice shots from the show but there could have been so much more done with the license. Why not use some actual video footage instead of only stills? Images feel strangely copied and pasted in a clumsy manner, for example the menu image of Dr House looks jagged and rushed. Some of the clues and texts are quite small, and it can strain my eyes when played for more than 15 minutes.

The worst implementation of the show is by far the audio commentary by Dr House. It comes in with a bit of static around it, and it is much louder than the music. It feels a bit like a school project I did as a kid when I made my first Powerpoint presentation. The music is ok but seems to come and go however is wants, and fade away due to audio commentary. You can use your own playlists, which I really like."""
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