Remember--24 hours season 8!!!

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Remember--24 hours season 8!!! Empty Remember--24 hours season 8!!!

Post  inna76 on Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:11 am

24 season 8 will be remembered as one of the first season of the show history. Perhaps that from the start / finish, the best since season 1 After a lackluster season 7, I think it was safe to say that writers and producers of the show was a good opportunity to start over and start from scratch. And they did. What a season we were smart, extremely tight and acted with the same action raging and rebounds, but always with a meaning different from hers. By moving out of Los Angeles and Washington we had the chance to see Jack Bauer out of his element for the first time.
At first I was skeptical about this, as many were. But after the first episode of 24 hours, I realized that my skepticism was. The move to DC was perfect and he has contributed so much to this season. And as we turn up for the twist, the evil villain, the only thing that remained seems that this season has been absolutely brilliant. Nothing can compare with the originality of the first season and series creators know. But they did not try to copy. Rather than trying to bring us a season that we will remember, instead of throwing as we did with the seventh season 8 was a triumph, and it is just another example of why we watch.

24 Hours DVD 1-8
The L Word DVD 1-6
Criminal Minds DVD 1-5
One Tree Hill DVD 1-7
Desperate Housewives DVD 1-6
The Office DVD 1-6
scrubs dvd 1-9
Two and a Half Men DVD 1-7
Ghost Whisperer DVD 1-5
Bones DVD 1-5
Entourage DVD 1-6
MI5 DVD 1-8
Smallville DVD 1-9
The Closer DVD 1-5
Brother and Sister DVD 1-4


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