A profect ending: 24 hours!!

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A profect ending: 24 hours!! Empty A profect ending: 24 hours!!

Post  inna76 on Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:52 am

It´s hard to describe how i feel after seeing the last 2 episodes of 24.
24 hours has made me cry, laugh, scream, etc. maybe this wasn´t the way i was hoping it would end.
When i started watching season 8 i knew right from scratch, this is jack´s chance to finally get some peace, but no, i was wrong, again.
The story telling for this one, was near perfection, although i must say, i felt that the last 4 chapters were written in a hurry, to much info!!!! to many things to tie up, other than that, i think the writers made a good job, directors work was flawless, and actors where right on the spot, except for some chapters of freddie prinze jr.
One can easily imagine a 9th season, despite the fact they all say its over, if you look at it, you have, CTU up and running, a former president (taylor will be prosecuted), an enemy (the Russians) and jacks interest besides justice (his daughter and granddaughter), but, maybe is definitely the end for bauer.
I think season 8 showed 2 sides of bauer, the one we know, and the dark side if you may call it... i was really shocked by how they managed to transform this character. The interrogations and the final assassinations where just perfect for ending 24.

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