A Good Show in My Eye: Ghost Whisperer!!

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A Good Show in My Eye: Ghost Whisperer!! Empty A Good Show in My Eye: Ghost Whisperer!!

Post  inna76 on Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:47 am

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I first started watching Ghost Whisperer because I used to watch Medium and got tired of that. This is so much better than Medium
Ghost Whisperer really begins with Melinda's wedding to Jim (the gorgeous David Conrad from Miss-Match) and when they move into their new house, she's already confronted by the first ghost that we see. Each weeks episode features a new ghost who needs her help, and while it may sound corny, it is sometimes moving and sad and sweet all at the same time.
Ghost Whisperer is a good show that may not appeal to everyone, but is definately worth trying to watch (if you are someone who thinks this may not appeal to you). I also like Melinda's business partner, Andrea (Aisha Tyler) who tries to understand and help out Melinda with all the ghostly goings on. I love this and I think it will have a wide appeal - I'm not normally someone who's into ghostly stuff, but this is a great show. I highly recommend it.

24 Hours DVD 1-8
Ghost Whisperer DVD 1-5
Medium DVD 1-6
One Tree Hill DVD 1-7


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