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Post  Bonie on Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:37 am

Mulberry Alexa Bag released a mini size bags, let love small bags of friends can also benefit from, or fashionable mom wants their children feel the Alexa bag charm, but also can give children to buy one, with travel time, and a hand Alexa Bag feel good?! However, such a scene, will make after people are jealous?
Finally see a good mood change color, or very eye-catching purple, Mulberry appears since the launch of Alexa Bag, will continue to introduce younger style ah! The models so pure dress, there is really a want to return to the Mulberry Polly Push Lock bag adolescence of impulse. Abbey take the handbag is Alexa and similar styles, it seems that this season will continue to launch to printing. Rough denim material or snake use, hard and soft; milk white wrapping is refined and clear contours; coupled with the simple and practical function, this Mulberry series handbag as a summer breeze repeatedly, make people look forward to happy.

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