Simple put, Law and Order is an amazing series.

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Simple put, Law and Order is an amazing series. Empty Simple put, Law and Order is an amazing series.

Post  Joycechen on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:04 pm

Simple put, this is an amazing series. I never got caught up in the original Law and Order but Law and Order: Criminal Intent hits the bullseye for a variety of reasons. First, Goren is an amazing mix of a compassionate Sherlock Holmes and a stoic James Bond with a flare for all but breaking the rules to catch criminals but not being burdened with any significant vices. Goren doesn't smoke or drink to excess and has no romantic relationships outside of work that viewers are aware of from what I have seen. Eames is the cynical and skeptical partner who is often wary of Goren's methods. She is not in awe of his extensive knowledge of languages and criminal psychology but she is more than willing to follow his unrelenting bloodhound tendencies when he catches a scent. I'm having a ball watching this series develop and Dick Wolf is a genius. I highly recommend this series for anyone tired of the 'Walker, Texas Ranger' style of law enforcement and wanting to see something far more down to earth.
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