Did you watch South Park TV show?

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Did you watch South Park TV show? Empty Did you watch South Park TV show?

Post  Joycechen on Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:31 pm

I've watched South Park since it began when I was a fourth grader and it's weird to watch the boys have only grown one grade while I'm now four years out of high school. Season 13 of South Park manages to continue the series longer than most animated shows still without killing what South Park itself is meant to be, for the most part. This season if not all out great like I feel season 6,season 8 or season 11 were is at least another solid season with stand out episodes. While South Park did take a few more unscheduled trips to the silly end of things they still manage to be enjoyable for true fans and it hardly feels the show is selling out or risking becoming a satire of itself.
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