Bones is a sexed-up variation of all the CSIs…

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Bones is a sexed-up variation of all the CSIs… Empty Bones is a sexed-up variation of all the CSIs…

Post  Joycechen on Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:24 pm

There is more to the mix. Bones is a sexed-up variation of all the CSIs. What makes these programs about anal swabs, toenail clippings, and poisoned nipples so popular, in spite of David Caruso’s self-righteousness, portentousness, and semaphoric shades? Acting and writing, yes. But also work. We like to see people do something besides insult their family members. In Las Vegas, Miami, and New York, as at the Jeffersonian research laboratory in Washington, D.C., professionals play well with one another, and their sandbox is a functioning collective. It's not just expertise that appeals; it's collegiality, group dynamics, and morale. For the same reason in the earlier days of television we welcomed sitcoms that got out of the house. Mary Tyler Moore’s TV newsroom, like Alan Alda’s mash unit, was more interesting and somehow more textured than the den at home where we sat, at once hollow and besieged. Add to this sense of inside info and shared endeavor the Technicolored elegance and obscene magnifications of sneaky medical machines that can see through bones, hear blisters, snapshoot ghosts, and fingerprint regret—the Peeping Tomism of the camera and the lab—and what we get is omniscience, when we aren’t grossed out.
Bones is a sexed-up variation of all the CSIs… DSC_0158_Bones DVD 1-4
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