Decryption mulerry bag production process Mulberry Alexa bag

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Decryption mulerry bag production process Mulberry Alexa bag

Post  Bonie on Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:43 am

Located in the southwest of England, adjacent to Welsh place, is a collection of England 's classic beauty and Welsh's honorable nature in a city -- Bath, here is the Mulberry handbags production base, the Mulberry designer's various sketches and concepts through the hands of workers to become a reality. In the Chilcompton Mulberry factory, with more than 190 workers and 10 production lines. The plant in a wild profusion of vegetation leaves, is a mystery. At present in the production line processing category 3, respectively, Alexas, Bayswater and a new mulberry briefcase of Lily. The shelf into columns for the production of a variety of colors, materials, leather materials, mainly from Italy. The bag cost largely depends on the leather material quality and quantity. Once the shelves leather material piled to the ceiling, at present brand by improving the production speed, speed up the leather working, do not need to hoard plenty of leather raw materials.

Mulberry alexa bag
Mulberry Bayswater bag
mulberry shoulder bag
mulberry messenger bag


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