encouraged the wearing of handbags

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encouraged the wearing of handbags Empty encouraged the wearing of handbags

Post  Bonie on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:08 am

What I'm trying to say is, we ladies, Will need a handbag!Handbags have been 1 of the necessities of life for females ever because recorded history began.You will find

two theories which may clarify why a woman feels 'undressed' unless she has her bag with her. Females are by nature gatherers and care givers (take care of their

offspring) and hence genetically had to carry the stuff she gathered and needed along with her.I also think that the mulberry sale decided pockets ruin many garments

especially when stuffed and for that reason introduced and mulberry tote encouraged the wearing of

handbags!We know too well, given that the first handbag designer Louis Vuitton was introduced branding of bags, its now all concerning the label of the bag that adds

to the credibility as well as the price tag.With carrying a bag, especially flaunting an awesome huge designer one, you might be putting yourself at risk, when

fraudsters would like to steal not merely your funds BUT your identity.

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