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 You may like see CSI Miami  Empty You may like see CSI Miami

Post  yudiana on Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:09 am

Since the CSI Las Vegas fan, I was not happy when they made a CSI Miami DVD I picked this up, because the summer break, CSI, I wanted to do something .. and this was my choice! I can honestly say it was a good buy after seeing all the episodes. Yes, David Caruso is Gil Grissom, but I wish it were? Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD Close to the series is set to be very different from Miami. Die-cast is on par with the cast of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a more personal feel to it, many times the original to bring their own life story (ie, a stripper, Catherine, Warrick is a gambler) and can not find that much of Miami. Weeds DVD The emphasis seems to remain more history.Kim Delaney is a welcome cast-off, in my opinion. She pulled the series out of his bad attitude and had no chemistry with David Caruso. It was labeled as an investigator who had no interest nervous to meet with colleagues CSI, or who have a passion to get the truth. Two and a Half Men DVD I was very happy when she finally left.Another difference between Las Vegas and Miami, what is striking to see how each CSI is an expert in their particular field. Callegh is "Bullet Girl", Speedle is the expert AV tech diving is Delco, who speaks Russian and Spanish are acting as go between the Cuban community and DPSK. Cold Case DVD Alexx talks to his patients when they were alive, and generally friendly and Al Robbins in Las Vegas.Finally, try the two CSIs are comparable, as law and order in many spin-off, you can choose a favorite, but I think everyone is strong, and keep your own. You can enjoy both, but leaves Las Vegas to Miami.


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