Jack, I Wait You!!!

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Jack, I Wait You!!! Empty Jack, I Wait You!!!

Post  inna76 on Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:48 am

Jack Bauer... Americas biggest hero! But where is the gratitude?
I love 24 but you gotta ask yourself, when will Jack get something back?
He sacrificed his wife, the relationship with his daughter and he gave up every possibility for him to have a relationshiip with another human being.
When will people start appreciating what he's done? What he's sacrificed?
After all eight seasons you have to assume he probably saved EVERYONE in the US probably more then once considering all the bombs and nuclear devices he neutrilized. But instead for being thanked and treated like the hero he is - all of his friends die, EVERYONE he loves get killed and so on.
Thanks 24 for all the years. I consider 24 the best TV series ever made.

24 Hours DVD 1-8
Ghost Whisperer DVD 1-5
Medium DVD 1-6
One Tree Hill DVD 1-7


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