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OTH is this generations Empty OTH is this generations

Post  inna76 on Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:44 am

Every Generation has its teen show and One Tree Hill is this generations. A lot of people think that The O.C is much better but I think there wrong. I am absolutely addicted to One Tree Hill! I love all the love triangles. In One Tree Hill you can relate to the characters and most people are quite similiar to one of them. You have The Sensitive Guy, The Smart Girl, The Sporty Guy, The Bitch, The Girl Who wants to be different. In The O.C you cant relate to the characters because most people who watch it arent rich and dont live in Orange County. There is also the very hot Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and the very sexy James Lafferty (Nathan). All of the seven seasons episodes are very well written and its worth paying the money for One Tree Hill Box set.

24 Hours DVD 1-8
Ghost Whisperer DVD 1-5
Medium DVD 1-6
One Tree Hill DVD 1-7


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