Scrubs has made frequent use of guest stars…

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Scrubs has made frequent use of guest stars… Empty Scrubs has made frequent use of guest stars…

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"""But she soon rejoined the other new attendings at Sacred Heart, and the fifth season found all three main characters confronting the challenges of training the new physicians they had only recently been themselves. Despite Scrubs' light overall tone, a sense of aging and transition haunted the major characters. Plotlines focused on Turk and Carla's efforts to conceive a child, and then to cope with her pregnancy.
Scrubs has made frequent use of guest stars, though they appear far more commonly as physicians than nurses. Rick Schroder appeared in several early 2003 episodes as confident, witty and sensitive nurse Paul Flowers (yes, a male nurse named Flowers). Elliot had a romance with Paul, who faced anti-male nurse bigotry from the show's emotional wrecking crew, including Kelso and Todd, who called him a """"murse"""" who did """"women's work."""" Elliot herself struggled with her self-esteem when she belatedly learned that Paul was a nurse, not a physician. "
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