Queer As Folk is brilliantly written, cast, directed and acted.

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Queer As Folk is brilliantly written, cast, directed and acted. Empty Queer As Folk is brilliantly written, cast, directed and acted.

Post  Joycechen on Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:14 am

The writers are to be commended for their forthrightness in tackling difficult material. Rather than shrinking away from controversy, they welcome it. Yet it's never for the sake of merely courting controversy, but to address important issues, such as homophobia, drug use, and Internet addiction. (I look forward to Season Two, where the writers take on Andrew Sullivan, political correctness, and HIV.) This is brilliantly written, cast, directed and acted. The direction and cinematography are worth watching alone -- very creative ways of showing emotion and affective reaction through use of the camera and point-of-view. Casting is superb and the actors provide, along with the writers, multi-leveled characterizations that keep you fascinated. As a heterosexual woman, I found the sex tremendously erotic, more so than any other filmed sexuality whether heterosexual, homosexual or lesbian. All the acting is exceptional, but the actor who plays Brian is of superstar quality. He should develop into a major movie star but I hope he is smart enough to stay with this series umtil it is completed because it is a masterpiece. I strongly recommend that viewers begin at the beginning and follow the episodes in chronological order. I had watched a couple of parts of episodes and was not impressed. One needs to experience these complex characters unfolding. It might be harder for heterosexual men to be comfortable with it(although my husband had no trouble), but is certainly worth the effort. Cheers to Showtime for courage and taste!
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