Criminal Minds is an excellent TV series.

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Criminal Minds is an excellent TV series.  Empty Criminal Minds is an excellent TV series.

Post  Selinachen on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:48 pm

"""Of the four seasons, this season may be the best. With more dark storylines, the series follow Rossi, Hotchner, Prentiss, Morgan, Reid, Jareau, and Garcia as they deal with the evil side of human nature and more of their own personal stories, connections, and demons. The fourth season fleshes out these characters and their interdependence on each other. An excellent team takes time to build and bond. The season brings this to full circle, especially in the last few episodes where the plots begin to build toward an explosive climax in the season finale. The promise of new life with Jennifer Jareau's baby boy is a subplot. As Jareau deals with motherhood, she faces her emotions and fears, especially as she contemplates her child and what the future may hold.

Some of the best episodes are-Minimal Loss with Luke Perry; Instincts and Memoriam which features Dr. Reid's memories of a murder from his childhood, Masterpiece with Jason Alexander, Soul Mates which gives love your neighbor a sinister twist; Roadkill which is a taut thriller with a surprise; Amplification features an analytical lecture from Reid as he is exposed to a deadly substance; and To Hell...And Back is the season finale with enough horror, disgust and death for a whole season. Death takes no holiday in this episode. Unfortunately, you will never look at that Christmas ham the same way after watching this episode. """
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