The Sopranos is a ground-breaking show…

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The Sopranos is a ground-breaking show…  Empty The Sopranos is a ground-breaking show…

Post  Joycechen on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:03 pm

"""Last year HBO released the complete series of this ground-breaking show with the very high pricetag we've come to expect from any HBO original series on DVD. According to the press release, a year later, HBO wants to make this collection more available to consumers with new compact packaging and a lower price point. I continue from the press release:

The new package is still book style, but of a vastly different sort - it opens up from a split down the center in a gatefold fashion, and discs slide in from the side. Speaking of discs, HBO informs us that all of the DVDs from the previous Complete Series set will be included, with all the bonus material found on them. However, the extra soundtrack CD discs will not be packed in with the revised collection. Still, the new list price is a hundred dollars lower, which certainly good news for any fans who perhaps couldn't afford last year's model.
End of press release. The bottom line on this is we are paying one hundred dollars less to give up 2 music CDs and in exchange get packaging that should not enable so many scratched discs. The extra features include an interview with series creator David Chase conducted by Alec Baldwin and two """"Supper With the Sopranos"""" featurettes that will show cast members sitting down for dinner to discuss their favorite episodes. """
The Sopranos DVD 1-6
Monk DVD 1-8
Queer As Folk DVD 1-5
Law and Order DVD 1-10
Two and a Half Men DVD 1-7
One Tree Hill DVD 1-7
Doctor Who DVD 1-5
Bones DVD 1-5
Desperate Housewives DVD 1-6
The Big Bang Theory DVD 1-3
The Vampire Diaries DVD
Ghost Whisperer DVD 1-5
How I Met Your Mother DVD 1-5
Gossip Girl DVD 1-3
Brothers and Sisters DVD 1-4
Alias DVD 1-5
House MD DVD 1-6
Smallville DVD 1-9
Navy NCIS DVD 1-7
Supernatural DVD 1-5
Criminal Minds DVD 1-5
South Park DVD 1-13
The Tribe DVD 1-5
The Office DVD 1-6
Scrubs DVD 1-9
The X Files DVD 1-9


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