The special features are wonderful---Queer As Folk DVD

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The special features are wonderful---Queer As Folk DVD Empty The special features are wonderful---Queer As Folk DVD

Post  Joycechen on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:01 pm

"""What can I say about the US s1 Queer As Folk that hasn't been said before? Not everyone likes the show. Obviously due to the content and graphic nature, it will offend people. Even some gay people are appalled by the show. But personally I love Queer As Folk. It depicts a group of gay men and women living their lives, making choices - not always the right choices, but dealing with the consequences. In other words, the characters are more human because they are flawed, just like every human being in this world. The content can be graphic, and sometimes offensive (even to gays),as the lifestyle can be shown in it's most brutally honest way. I also appreciate how the principle cast aren't the usual 'classic' gay looking men you see in magazine shoots - neither beefed up muscle men or nancy queens, but ordinary, everyday gays who in their own way are just as physically beautiful as what is depicted in the media.

Now onto the DVD - it amazes me how the actual DVD and the special features hardly get a mention in reviews. Afterall, that's why alot of people buy DVD's!!!! Well, the Queer As Folk DVD doesn't disappoint. It is wonderfully packaged in a fold out case with stunning photography of the cast adorning the sleek design. The special features are wonderful - you can tell that considerable effort was made to offer something extra special to fans of the show."""
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