I have watched Monk from the beginning..

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I have watched Monk from the beginning..  Empty I have watched Monk from the beginning..

Post  Joycechen on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:00 pm

I have watched Monk from the begining, and I have loved Monk from the begining. And, although I am sad to see Monk go, it couldn't end any better. After the announcement that Season 8 would be the last season of Monk, the writers must've been hard at work. Because, I simply do not believe they could have ended this series better. Not only have they closed some doors, they opened some. But before you read anymore of this, I'll warn you. So here it is: SPOILER ALERT! We begin the season with Monk meeting his favorite actor from his favorite show.Then Monk makes a friend. A man who's wife also passed away right outside of Monk's apartment. After some more episodes, we see Sharona! Monk's longtime nurse/friend (season 1-3) comes back to see Monk and friends. More episodes pass by and then we come to 2 very important episodes. The first episode (8.13 Mr. Monk is the Best Man) is the episode in which Captain Stottlemeyer marries his girlfriend, Trudy (from episode 8.9 Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk) and Monk is the Best Man. In the next episode (8.14 Mr. Monk and the Badge) Monk becomes a detective on the police force again, but leaves shortly after because of the challenges and change that comes with being a police detective. And then comes the 2 part finale. While eating dinner with Natalie, Julie, and Natalie's new boyfriend Monk is poisoned. He tries to solve Trudy's murder as well as his own. Of course, he succecedes. He also opens up Trudy's gift, and finds out his dead wife was once pregnant before they even met each other. He then meets his dead wife's estranged daughter Molly. They are both very fond of each other. Afterwards, we find out Disher is leaving the SFPD to go to New Jersey and live with Sharona and become the new Police Chief there. After a short montage with a great "Monk Goodbye" song we see the ending Monk walking into a building with Stottlemeyer and Natalie. A great ending to a great show. I'm very sad to see it go, but am very excited to see the DVD come out.
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