Desperate housewives season six: high attractive!!!

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Desperate housewives season six: high attractive!!! Empty Desperate housewives season six: high attractive!!!

Post  inna76 on Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:14 am

The jump in five years at the end of season five of Desperate Housewives said that would be a rocky road for the residents of Wisteria Lane. For viewers, too. Many events at the end of season five, and also when the show returns for its sixth term September 27, 2009. Dark, disturbing creatures moved into town and took the shape Bolen family. At the end of episode one, NICE is different than good, a regular member jumped from behind and choked into a coma violent. Susan Mayer's daughter, Julie, are hospitalized and Susan are left to Grieve (acting chops Hatcher are versatile this season) next to her boyfriend named Mike Delfino. Hatcher gives a flawless performance as a tormented mother.
The sixth season unfolds with scores of strange undercurrents. Lynette and Tom are expecting twins. As if their lives are not consumed with sufficient energy from other rug rats in the family. Bree is a comfort, albeit reluctantly, with a man named Karl Mayer - former Susan. And later in the season, Bree reveals a secret that may surprise some viewers. Gabrielle and Carlos are faced with a rebellious teenager, as many mothers see, can attest. Jesse Metcalfe will return as John, but only to raise the dirt between Gabrielle and Carlos, who seems to be "settled" in their own comfortable lives. The illusion dissolves later when Gabriel puts his life in danger to help try to save Angie Bolen.

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