The L Word is Still Entertaining Television

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The L Word is Still Entertaining Television Empty The L Word is Still Entertaining Television

Post  inna76 on Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:08 pm

I loved The L Word when it first began. It addressed some interesting issues, and it was groundbreaking to have a show revolving around the lives and loves of lesbian and bisexual characters. As the l word progressed, I became more and more fed up with the way the characters were handled. Besides the ever-annoying Jenny, the characters I had loved from the start started to degrade into generally bad people. EVERYONE cheats on everyone. In the season 6 opener, Alice even admits that this is the standard lesbian thing to do. This is the message we want to be sending? Angus, the one positive male figure on the l word, was turned into a cheating bastard. The l word essentially shows the message that it's ok to cheat, bisexuals aren't good enough to be friends with lesbians, men are evil, and everything boils down to sex. That's not the message that should be sent in the one lesbian drama on television. That said, I suppose it's still entertaining television.

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