The Sopranos on DVD is in one word: amazing!

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The Sopranos on DVD is in one word: amazing! Empty The Sopranos on DVD is in one word: amazing!

Post  Joycechen on Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:35 pm

The complete first season of the Sopranos on DVD is in one word amazing! This is another hit show from the HBO original series. A lot of the shows on HBO are great but none of them come close to THE SOPRANOS (with the one exception thier newest show, BAND OF BROTHERS). This show is about Tony Soprano a average man to many peoples standarders expect for one thing, he is the head hanco of the New Jresey mafia. Then there is Tony's family, Carmela: his wife that is driven by Tony's wealth, Anothny JR.: Tony's son who is always in trouble at school or at home, Meadow: Tony's daughter who is drifting futher and futher apart from the family, MOM: Tony's mom who refuses to be sensibal which creates many many problems for Tony, Uncle Junior: Tony's uncle who is getting old and very power hunrgy, The Shrink: Tony's psycyotrist who he will hide at any coast from his crew, Christopher: Tony's nephew who his life goal is to be a made man and he will let tony know this at every chance he gets. This first season is a good start, it introduces you to everybody and portrays mobster life and portrays all of Tony's sturgals and believe me he has a ton of headaches. The first season is good but the characters arent fully devloped and the storylines sometimes jump around but like any other show it gets better with time. The extras arent good because there are so few but this is a must-buy. And I can't wait for the second season to comes out on DVD and the fourth season on HBO!
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