What …..criminal minds has????

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What …..criminal minds has???? Empty What …..criminal minds has????

Post  inna76 on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:47 am

What Criminal minds has, that most others do not (or at least not as much as), is that each of the characters are completely involved in the storyline. They aren't just the people that solve cases. They draw on experience and are affected by the cases. These attributes are not just dismissed at the end of an episode, to "maybe" be picked up at a later date, but are carried from episode to episode. These attributes are something the characters have to deal with, and continue to do so, until they are resolved, even if they are working on another case. Take Reid, for instance, in the "Revelations" episode, the unsub puts drugs in his system. He becomes dependent, which is a factor surrounding Reid for a few episodes afterwords. Most series would maybe make a two part, or let the viewer assume that the problem had been taken care of by the next episode's beginning. This series forces both the characters and the viewer to face these ugly facts. I applaud them for that.

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