Action packed, lovable characters---24 dvd 1-7

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Action packed, lovable characters---24 dvd 1-7 Empty Action packed, lovable characters---24 dvd 1-7

Post  inna76 on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:35 am

Action packed, lovable characters, interesting story lines, suspenseful and a really great cast---24 dvd 1-7. These are the things that 24 season is so successful. Many shows have great seasons but later seasons start lacking compared to before, but not 24. This is one of the most consistent shows ever.I know some seasons weren't as good as the other but they were pretty good compared to the other shows out there. Not a one of the seven seasons of this show has the cast disappointed me. Kiefer Sutherland delivers a emmy notable performance. Not only him is co stars are also excellent actors and play their roles with much success and it is a pleasure to watch them. Each season has a different story line, which i think is a great idea because it doesn't get boring and viewers rarely lose interest. Overall, this show deserves a 10/10, well, because its simply a great show--- 24. If you have the chance, you MUST watch this show.

Action packed, lovable characters---24 dvd 1-7 Thumbnail_DSC_0175_24 dvd 1-7

24 dvd 1-7
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